Beginner Level Quiz

1. In poker it’s an advantage to be in an early position so that you can act first. True or false?
2. In the following scenario there is $90 in the pot and 3 players go all-in for $100. Player 5 only has $50 remaining in his stack. If he decides to call by going all-in for $50 and wins the hand, how much will he win?

Side pot scenario
3. Take a look at the following scenario. There is $100 in the pot from the previous betting round and two players are all-in, but for different amounts. Player 5 has $100 and if he calls, how much will be in the side pot?

Side pot scenario
4. In no-limit hold'em _______ is a common bet sizing formula.
5. Starting hands such  as small pocket pairs and suited connectors play best from _______ position.
6. What odds are you offering your opponent if you bet 1/4 of the pot?
7. If there is $100 in the pot and you want to give your opponent 2-to-1 odds, how much do you need to bet?
8. If you are making +EV decisions at the poker table then you will lose money in the long run. True or false?
9. What is the term that's used to describe when a hand that is made with both the turn and the river cards.
10. How strong is your hand based on this board?

As-Qs  Kd-Jd-6c-Th-4c
11. How strong is your hand based on this board?

5s-5c  6s-4s-5d-7s-5h
12. How strong is your hand based on this board?

9h-8h  6s-Td-2s-Jd-Qh
13. Will often limp into a lot of pots”. Which poker personality type best fits this description?
14. "Plays with a fear of losing". Which poker personality type best fits this description?
15. When an otherwise intelligent, educated poker player begins to play below his skill level because of emotion, he is said to be on _______.
16. It's usually much easier to bluff conservative/tight players. True or false?
17. At a poker table, the seat that is two positions before the button is commonly known by what name?
18. If you flop two pair, how many outs do you have to make a full house?
19. If you're getting pot odds of 3-to-1 and your drawing odds are 5-to-1, is calling the correct play?
20. With $110 in the pot on the flop your opponent goes all-in for $100. You have a flush draw. Do you have the correct pot odds to call his bet?