Poker Lessons / Other Poker Variants

A selection of poker lessons that offer hints, tips and strategies for non-hold’em games.

There are many entertaining, wild and unique variations of poker that can be played and almost all the hybrid games follow one standard form of poker, albeit loosely. Read more

In this lesson we’re going to take a look at three groups of Omaha/8 starting hands. Those that represent real powerhouse starting hands, the good hands and the …
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Five-card draw is a simple poker game that is easy to learn. We provide an overview of the rules and offer strategy tips for the ‘jacks or better’ …
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Razz is a simple poker game and the objective is to make the best low hand. Learn how to play razz as we cover the basic rules and …
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Badugi is a draw game similar to triple draw. In this poker lesson we will teach you the badugi hand rankings and the basic rules of this unique …
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Stud high-low split pot is a form of seven card stud and is not an easy game to master, but it is well worth putting in the effort …
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Omaha/8 (high-low) is a split pot game, meaning the best high and best low hands split the pot. Learn the basic rules, including the ranking of low hands. Read more

Learning how to play Omaha is simple if you’re familiar with Texas hold’em poker. Learn the basic rules of Omaha along with some key strategic concepts. Read more

Five-card stud was the forerunner to today’s seven-card stud and all its iterations. This lesson covers the basic rules and strategies for five card stud. Read more

Learn the basic rules of seven card stud poker (also referred to as 7-card stud), including how the betting rounds work and the key strategic considerations Read more