Poker Lessons / Self-Management

Performance analysis and macro-level concepts that go beyond specific hand-to-hand decision making.

It’s time to take advantage of the note taking feature that is inbuilt on practically every online poker site. Proper note taking helps you in many ways. Read more

Tilt is a very serious leak in anyone’s poker game. There are many different forms of tilt and in this lesson we’ll examine the members of the tilt …
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Where poker tilt is concerned, prevention is always better than a cure. Learn to recognize your tilt triggers and control tilt before it controls you. Read more

If you’re serious about poker then you need to be equally serious about your poker bankroll, which is the one aspect of this game that you can control. …
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Downswings are inevitable in poker. You’ll never be able to bring those exasperating times down to zero so let’s explore some ways to deal with downswings. Read more

A poker cashout system allows you to maintain a balance between managing your poker bankroll in regards to its growth and the games that you can play. Read more

In this poker lesson we’ll examine the main multi-tabling methods and provided some strategy tips to help maximize your profits when playing online poker. Read more

As we go through this list of common poker mistakes, be honest with yourself and acknowledge if you fall prey to any of these chip draining leaks. Read more

The simply answer is to move up in limits when your poker bankroll is big enough. But there are more things to consider than just the size of …
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In this lesson we take a look at three best methods of analyzing your poker play. This includes record keeping, coaching and the use of poker statistics. Read more