Poker Lessons / General Concepts

A collection of the core concepts and poker fundamentals that every player needs to know.

When playing poker it’s important to understand the levels of thinking, which is to get beyond the cards and think about your opponents and the situation. Read more

In no-limit hold’em it’s important to determine the effective stack size and understand how your stack size influences the play of a poker hand. Read more

In order to understand how to play the player and not just the cards, we’ll start by identifying some of the main poker personality types you will encounter. Read more

Position is a key consideration in poker. In this poker lesson we’re going to introduce you to the power behind this fundamental concept of poker. Read more

Psychology is no substitute for cold hard poker math but it can add incredible depth to your game when it’s used in conjunction with solid poker strategy. Read more

A lesson on the important poker concept of fold equity. Always know how much fold equity you have and how to use it, especially in poker tournaments. Read more

Calculating implied odds is unlike pot odds since it involves estimating – or guessing – about the future action of your opponents at the poker table. Read more

Let’s take a look at when you need to consider the reverse implied odds, when you’re the player with a made poker hand and your opponent is the …
Read more

The only difference between a full-ring cash game and the 6-max variety is the table size, but they play very differently so let’s cover these factors. Read more

Good poker players understand the concept of table image. Let’s talk about your poker table image and that of your opponents and then how to exploit it. Read more