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Thread: Interesting EPT hand

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    Default Interesting EPT hand

    Just been watching EPT London 2013 footage when I stumbled across this interesting hand. Take a look...

    Now, even with the 'pro explains' bit at the end, I'm still baffled by Patel's logic in this hand. Strikes me as a pretty easy preflop fold, and certainly I'd want to just call on the turn and river for pot control.

    Anyhow, Patel is usually a nosebleed cash player, and Joe Stapleton (commentator) mentioned that the hand was a bit "cash-ey". Personally I couldn't see myself playing the hand the way he did in a cash game either. What do you think?
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    Well, there was some history to the table that was referenced here so that dynamic has to play into this. However, 98d would be a hand I'd like to call with if in position and raising with it out of the blinds as a steal. Flatting with QJ there seems bad. Like the commentator said, that seems to be a hand you'd either fold or 4-bet with. Seems they were quite deep and the raise amount sounded small, so I guess I can see why these guys might see calling having value post-flop.

    The overshove on the end screams go away, and if I actually had a hand like AA or KK I bet that guy calls. While he hit the 8 I can't see him making a hero call there since he doesn't win often enough (and he'd have lost).

    To be honest I haven't played in a while so who knows if my logic is even viable any more. Also, I never played in events where you started off so deep, I was lucky to start with 100-150BBs at most and even then it was only for a very brief time. These guys get to play deepstack (or cash game like) poker much more often.
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    I don't quite understand his explanation of the hand. It didn't make much sense to me. He was bluffing with the best hand, which doesn't tally up with the range he was putting him on.

    It's an interesting hand to observe but not really one to learn much from, IMO. This is big time TV poker after all. Trying to emulate this kind of play in small time games is not going to be profitable.

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