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Thread: 2 Hours and 10 Minutes

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    Default 2 Hours and 10 Minutes

    I played at a home game last week. I say "played" but it really felt like I was just an observer because I didn't win a single pot the entire night. Not one pot. Not even a walk. It was a rebuy with 3 x 30 min levels, then onto the freezeout (20 min levels). I was totally card dead throughout and my stack only got topped up by having several rebuys. I was eventually put out of my misery when I shoved my pathetic stack with KJ and ran into AQ, busting in 6th (8 runners - yes, amazingly I didn't finished last). That was at the 400/800 level, so I must have "played" at least 2 hours 10 minutes without winning a single pot.

    Surely this is a record. Can you beat it?

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    Maybe not by time elapsed but probably by hands played.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyckyRych View Post
    Maybe not by time elapsed but probably by hands played.


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