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    My poker buddies and I have been kicking this around all weekend. There appears to be a sharp divide in philosophy, lol

    With 8 BBs in a $90 tournament on Saturday, I shoved from the button when it was folded around to me with T5 of hearts. The blinds were straightforward players who had equal stacks to mine. There were 13 players left, 5 got paid. No antes in play.

    Standard shove, or spewy impatience?

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    For 8BB from the button, I don't think it can be a big mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

    When you're looking to go with something from late position, you're looking for primarily high card strenght, but also for suitedness and connectedness. You're looking for more ways to win if called, basically, so that Ev(steal) + Ev(suckout) -Ev(loss) > 0. The only attribute which can stand alone is good high card strenght, if you don't have that you also need suitedness and/or connectedness, just to give you that little bit extra when you need to come from behind.

    T5s basically only has suitedness, so for that reason, with 8BB, from the button, I think it's a muck. From the SB my position is : "gimme that 1.5BB!!"

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    I was gonna say "shove!" until I saw there were no antes. That makes a difference. Unless the blinds are really tight, wait. If you had say, oh, T7s? I'd go but it would be on the edge. With antes? I'm in. Final answer? Fold, but again as it always seems to be, it depends on the blinds. If "straightforward means they have some idea when to call, then fold.

    Now, if this way 6 left and 5 pay? I shove.
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    I'm sure we've all stolen from the button with worse than T5s (I know I have).

    Yes it depends on the blinds, but let's not forget that it also depends on your table image too. If you're perceived as a nit then you can probably go with ATC in such a spot. If you're not then be prepared to look a bit silly when they call. The easiest option (and probably the most sensible) is to fold.


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