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Thread: Horrible Play by Me!

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    Default Horrible Play by Me!

    I know I've been moaning about my MicroMillions bad beats, but I've actually cashed in 3 out of 6 I've played.

    However, the more I think about it, the more I realise that a couple of my bust-out hands (when in the money) are completely gross!

    This was a $2 rebuy - I should have folded or called after the action from the blinds, especially given the one player who can bust me has raised.

    This was a $5 + $5 bounty tournament. I'd already gathered 5 bounties when the following hand came up. Yuk!

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    Hand 1 : Meh, dusted off some chips when you didn't need to, but not the end of the world (unless it didn't go check-check like the replayer indicates).

    Hand 2 : Sweet mother of God... overplay J7o much?

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    Hand 1 is an argument to shove 15-16BBs. Especially a hand like JJ with these antes. Still, tough spot once the min-raise comes. I say shove and live with it that way.

    Hand 2 is ugh, you took a chance with top pair and lost. I see why you called preflop but J7o I can easily let go.
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