I won't repeat what J said, but I do have a few things to add.

Hand #1: I'm assuming this is very early in the SNG? Seems this site like to use a lot of chips. Anyway, yeah, just fold early with shit BvB. Guys like to defend with 100BBs and they have position on you also.

Hand #2: I also like the raise. Here I think is a place where I check behind and hope to hit my 4-out straight. Paired boards are often good to c-bet, however with low cards some players won't believe you. Sure, you could have KK and rep that but here you lost the chance to hit. Of course, for all we know, the guy flopped a boat. Withthe check/raise he more likely had a draw himself or is protecting a set.

Hand #3: I also hate the open, fold here. Also, I think too many players to c-bet into. Yes, you might have the best hand hitting 2nd pair, but meh. Ugly spot really. On the turn, well, yeah, he's going all the way. The villain's min-check-raise is awful IMO. I prefer two other options: jam on the flop, or call your bet and then rep big on the turn with a jam, even if you bet again. Depends on stacks. The second option can also look like you played a set/big hand slow.