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    Hi guys, any adjustment for using KP online considering the different field and the (new) way of playing of many online players than live ???

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    The premise of the Kill Phill online strategy is to put people to a decision for their tournament lives with a range they, given the circumstances, can only hope to break even against in the long run. Thus making you unexploitable.

    It seems to me, therefore, in a vacuum/without history, any adjustment you make is going to leave you susceptible to possibly being exploited.

    In reality, however, some people are paying attention, taking note of the frequency you ship with and the sort of hands you're doing it with. Some of them might decide to take some long run -Ev just to call you down and dissuade you from abusing their blinds or buttons or whatever. If that's the case or you suspect that might be the case, you can exploit that adjustment by tightening up significantly when these players still have a stake in the hand.

    On the other hand, if you notice your ability to fold non-stellar hands is being abused, you can, if the situation is right, counter that by abusing weaker players in order to create a buffer in order to take a flip with a stronger player and, about half the time, on average, take him out. Any long run -Ev from taking on that player with a weaker than optimal range is compensated for by having a "largish" stack against weaker players when you win or still being in the tournament when you lose.
    If you see someone doing this to you, pray for aces or just fold and remember to not register over him in the future.

    So, against the donks, just play ABC along a strategy you prefer. No need to disguise your game.
    Against players who pay attention and try to counter you, play ABC most of the time, but show up with some unexpected hands from time to time (and I've found this frequency to be less than I expected to be effective) and use weaker players to put yourself in a position to "mess with them".
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