WSOP Main Event 2009: The Aftermath

By Gerald Hanks | November 11, 2009

In the last forty years, the World Series of Poker has grown from a group of Texas road gamblers voting on the “second-best” player in the world, to an event of over fifty tournaments, with thousands of players representing nearly every country on Earth, playing for millions of dollars. Baseball caps, usually with a sponsor’s logo stitched on them, far outnumbered cowboy hats at this year’s Main Event, and online pros see more hands in a week than Doyle, Puggy and Slim saw in a year back in their heyday. But who and what really stood out in this year’s Main Event?

Best Player – (tie) Jeffrey Lisandro and Phil Ivey


By Gerald Hanks

Gerald Hanks is from Houston Texas, and has been playing poker since 2002. He has played cash games and no-limit hold’em tournaments at live venues all over the United States.


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