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Thread: Gut shot after flop

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    Default Gut shot after flop

    HI everyone, I'm new here as well new to poker. I'm looking for some advice from experience players.
    Thank you in advance for all your help!

    Ok situation looks like this:

    I'm on a cut off with J,10 off and the board is 6,7,9 all cards off suited. 3 players limped to the flop. Pot is $10. First player checks , I bet $2 and another player raised $8. Should I call?
    My pot odds are 2,5:1 , gut shot is 4:1 <--- according to what I've read before I should fold right?

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    Go for it... "Call"

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    This is a terrible board and I wouldn't have bet it in the first place with 3 people in the pot, as we only have Jack high and someone will have a better piece of it.

    You have an 11/1 shot of hitting your gutshot on the next card, but you also have 2 over cards for another 6 outs, but hitting these cards might get us in to trouble.

    We need a little more info on the players to make a better decision, but at first glance, its a fold.
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    I agree with BarraBod. Were you hoping to steal the pot? If so, you should have bet much bigger (I'd go for $7 at least). However, I'm not sure this is a very good spot to steal as you still have one player to act after you (so you don't know how strong his hand is. The best spots to steal are when you are in position, there aren't too many players in the pot and it's checked to you. It's even better when you have a good draw like an open ended straight or flush draw.

    In this spot, you don't have position, you only have 4 outs, and the guy with position on you has shown strength. Fold and wait for a better spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bambini View Post
    Fold and wait for a better spot.

    The decision to bet on the flop isn't terrible, but as Bambini said... if that's what you decide to do then you need to bet more, instead of a wimpy 'feeler' bet. Once raised, it's a fold.

    Also remember your pot odds should be based on hitting on the turn, unless you're calling an all-in. If we're going on 4 outs for the gutshot, then that's around 10-to-1.

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