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Thread: What are the chances?

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    Default What are the chances?

    Hello, I need someone to settle a little debate.

    Suppose you are playing 5 card draw with kings and little ones as wilds with five other players. Which cards would you exchange if you were dealt the following hand:

    - Queen of hearts
    - 8 of clubs
    - 6 of diamonds
    - 4 of diamonds
    - 2 of spades

    I think most people would say off the bat that you keep the queen and 8. The chances of drawing an 8 or a 2 are the same, but on the off chance that you draw both an 8 and a 2, it would be better to keep the 2 (as you would end up with at least 3 queens instead of 3 eights). Are there any reasons to keep the 8 other than that the 8 could be a higher kicker?

    Looking forward to any feedback.

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    Get rid of the queen ... it's the "Old Maid". Oh, wrong game!
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    I think you need to describe the game in more of a factual way, rather than a cultural way.

    I'm a European, used to basic poker concepts. I might be able to assist you if you would just speak a language I understand, without assuming I know the culture of the game you play in.

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    Yeah, you lost me at little ones. Plus I don't play draw poker.
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    Pick whatever you have in your cards except for the diamonds, do this only if you are really unsure of what your next will move be.
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