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Thread: Hello All, Bankroll/money management question....

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    Default Hello All, Bankroll/money management question....

    Hello all.

    I have a quick question regarding money management.

    I am new to online poker and have started in micro stakes and liking it so far, but my question is, is there software out there that can keep track on what i have paid out and what i have won? with out me making a spreadsheet and inputting what and when?.

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    Default Hello All, Bankroll/money management question....

    sharkscope is pretty good and free. At least, it keeps track of your wins/losses. It doesn't keep track of how much you've bankrolled.
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    A program like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker can do it but they aren't cheap, though sometimes they have some deal going. Even with that I still kept a pen and paper record.
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