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    Hello all I'm new here to the forum and poker ology I'm a micro grinder who loves the game of poker play a lot of live and some restricted us poker sites haha on those. The topic of my post today is when the board is two suited or even monotone I have given some thoughts to these boards as a pre flop raiser and caller and my thoughts on these are as follows. The looser a player is the more likely he is to hit these boards with some sort of draw, I.e. I raise from my with A Ko and get called by the small blind a looser more passive player the board comes Ah Th 3rd on this board my opponent is most likely missing with a large portion of his range so not many worse hands continue and not any better hands fold but being that he is passive and not gonna bluff often a bet is normally in line. Now when we get to the turn and another heart rolls off and he calls a second Barrell we are most likely behind a check call a small bet on the river is probably standard here. Being that a lot of a loose players range is mostly made of suited junk j type stuff and worse but with a high emphasis on suited while calling now take the same board with a more tight player his calling rang misses this board very often in fact a little more often and could easily be pushed off a relatively strong hand let's just give his calling range j j Q Q 22+ A 2 s - A 5 s j t s 7 8 s and k Q a Q none of the suited ace combos hit the flush j t h isn't there there just isn't many hands that hit the flush here and when the heart comes on the turn I would expect a huge number of folds also tight players raising ranges are not containing large amounts of flushes or draws on this board either please share comments my next post will be on the rule of a third.

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    That was a difficult read. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but yes... loose players will typically look to hit flushes more often.

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