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Thread: ace high ?

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    Default ace high ?

    Hi everyone,
    Im relatively new to poker and had a question for the forum.
    Is there ever a time when an ace high can beat a pair, if the community cards hold two pairs higher than my private card? ThankS, I apologize for the novice question.


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    Ace high never beats a pair. However, in Hold'Em, at showdown, the best 5-card hand using one or more cards from the player's hands wins. That means that if you have and the board runs out

    you have been what is referred to as "counterfeited by the board", i.e. your best hand is now 2 pair, tens and fives, with a 4 kicker. If another player holds an ace, then that will count as a kicker to his two pair of tens and fives, thus beating you. If yet another player holds a pair higher than the lowest pair on the board then that will be considered the best hand (for he/she will have tens and eights or jacks and tens, e.g.).

    This is the main reason for not playing small pairs, other than to set-mine. I.e., seeing cheap flops with them, but not continuing unless you flop a set, for, unimproved, they are very rarely good at showdown.

    If you want a game where both your holecards play at showdown, you need to play Omaha. Although I wouldn't advise it as a beginner's (or even an intermediate's) game. Good luck at the tables.
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    That is what is known as being counterfeited. When the 2 pairs on the board beat your pair. Anyone holding an Ace for a kicker will have you beat. Or any card that is higher than your pair that doesn't beat the last card on the board.


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