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Thread: My first bad beat :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyckyRych View Post
    Long story short : Fold KJo there. :)

    Nice post Q, I'm way too lazy to do it anymore.

    Yeah I definitely will in future and I only called him as he'd been stealing a lot of blinds.

    I've been constantly telling myself that position is king and my overall % for seeing the flop has fell from 16% to 12% so I'm playing tighter and winning most flops I do see before the turn.

    I played a hand today where my opponent was constantly betting all-in pre-flop. I called him with JJ and took the pot. Would you recommend me doing the same in future? At worst I figured I had a 55% chance so unless he had AA KK QQ (which i believe he'd of slow played ) i'd be ahead. I should mention this was a cash game and wouldn't of meant falling out of a tournament ;)

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    Every hand has its own situation but very rarely would I find a reason to fold JJ in a situation like you describe. However, there are spots during the bubble of a SNG where folding QQ and even KK would be correct.
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    Nope you played it perfectly. You made him buy his odds to hit his miracle card. His odds was horrible to win and you made it expensive to see it.

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