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Thread: How about a private tourney???

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyckyRych View Post
    Dammit. I was out this morning and did not return in time. I blame wife aggro.

    Hope you guys had fun!
    Fun?? -playing an unfamiliar game like PLO8 3-handed against the likes of Tom and Tim (and, briefly, 4-handed with the addition of Paddy) hardly classifies as fun. Petrifying is the word which comes to mind.
    Luckily, people perceive me as being mega-tight, so I got a bunch of steals through to stay afloat and I got a couple of favourable board run-outs to finish about 30 chips up (I also made some good laydowns, imo, but I'm not going to advertise that fact, because I want people to think I luckboxed my way to a more or less breakeven result).

    The banter was fun, obviously, we even had some cracks at your expense, with regard to your former and current place of residence. But you would have had to be there...

    Edit: I could have saved a pot-sized bet if I'd realised in time there is no such thing as a 1-card flush draw in PLO8. In these sorts of games the eight-qualifier or the obligation to use two cards from your own hand just catches out my Hold 'Em programmed brain.
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    Nice to see that you still managed to get together for a game. I got the email about the game later that afternoon and was all psyched to go play but then realized it had already started and ended. It was probably a good thing that I didn't show up though so that someone else had a chance to win it

    Next time I will hopefully catch the announcement in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalopy View Post
    It was probably a good thing that I didn't show up though so that someone else had a chance to win it
    Thanks for that. Appreciated!

    Hope to see you there next time!

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