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Thread: Adrenaline Rush

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    Default Adrenaline Rush

    Just got an email from FTP. They've started a new game called "Adrenaline Rush". Basically, it'd like rush poker (where as soon as you fold you move to a new table), but it's even faster paced. Each table is 4-handed, there's a 10bb raise limit PF and no betting post-flop.

    It's not for me.
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    What? No betting post-flop? Its like a super-turbo HU SNG, but with 4 people and its cash... I guess. Hmmm, weird.
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    I got the same email, but it went into my junk folder. I didn't know Microsoft Outlook was so good and deciphering junk. What a stupid concept.

    I guess the next big thing will be 'turnovers' - a game played by degens, in which everyone puts their money in blind.


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