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Thread: New to poker, looking to learn how to bluff

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    Default New to poker, looking to learn how to bluff


    I'm very new to poker and would like to take it up to help me learn how to bluff. In life in general, I think I play my cards too quickly and too straight, I don't make the best out of bad hands or read the tables so well, so to speak. Poker seems a great way to learn and get better at this.

    I wondered if anyone else had learned poker with these intentions, or if you'd grown more sophisticated as a bluffer through learning to play? I'd love to hear how if went for you, and if you have any advice for a very green beginner.

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    Firstly, welcome to the forum Brasseye (nice nickname BTW - I used to love that TV show)!

    I'm not sure if learning how to bluff by playing poker is going to help you all that much away from the tables. A few self-help books would probably be a better investment. But you should learn to play poker because it's the best card game ever devised.

    There's a lot more to poker than bluffing, yet it's the part that non-poker players think they understand. My advice would be to forget about bluffing for now.... learn some basic poker strategies (right here at Pokerology), play some poker, continue learning, then play, play and play some more. Then you'll realise that bluffing is just one small aspect of this great game.

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    Default New to poker, looking to learn how to bluff

    Great advice there, Tim. A classic mistake of a novice poker player is to think that the game is all about bluffing, and to bluff too often. Much more to it than that.

    I'm not sure how much poker translates to the real world: I find it more an escape than anything else! To answer your original question, I got into poker because a friend was starting a regular poker night and approached me. The rest was a slippery slope!

    Welcome to the forum though. If you are particularly interested in bluffing then feel free to ask any questions here.
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    After nearly five years of live play, I can tell you that
    a). Bluffing is almost completely unnecessary in cash games. And they are hardly ever bluffing when all the money goes in during a cash game.
    b). Conditions have to be nearly perfect to pull one off. And it isn't nearly the thrill you might think it is. It's more terror tbh. It's simply something that must occasionally be done in a tournament, when you recognize the conditions that call for it. It's more like a tool you have to pick up and use when the time is right. You do it and think nothing of it because it simply had to be done. It's certainly no measure of your prowess as a poker player.
    c). Poker is more about making the correct decisions at the correct time. Very very occasionally, this means the correct decision is to bluff. But I would say that simply having the knowledge and the courage to make the decision you need to make, when you need to make it, is the single most advantageous aspect of poker that has been able to translate to my life outside the game.

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    If you really wish to understand the do's and don'ts of bluffing I would recommend "The Book of Bluffs---How to bluff and win at poker" by Matt Lessinger. Pretty decent treatise on the subject.
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    Hi all I would say cash games the big bluff is pretty much useless while the pot shot bluffs Are the best in padding a win rate I.e. Being checked to on the button c bet with air. Also the bluff three bet and just a raise with a weaker hand are all the pot shot bluffs I'm talking about very rarely will I ever go any further than those maybe a Double Barrell on a scary turn or incredibly low dry board but that's it. Just my personal approach but as a new player I would agree learn the strategies here first and then work on other aspects of your game including bluffing.
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