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No. You were crushed preflop and you knew it. That is like saying "It would have been VERY profitable (in that hand) to go all-in with my 72,". Preflop action said you had very little equity and you knew it. I hope you didn't get too involved in all the 4 and 5-betting.

AJs can indeedbe very profitable in these spots...if you can see a cheap flop. A quick calculation shows that AJs will only win in these spots 11% of the time. This means that you will bust out 89% of the time. You really don't want to be committing too many chips into the pot pre-flop by speculating that you COULD win occasionally.

Be wary of results-based thinking. There will be times when you throw away a hand preflop that would have gone on to becoming a full house by the river. This is the nature of the game. Doesn't mean that you should see every flop with any two cards just in case.