I played a home cash game the other day. I didn't do so great, and got the sense that I couldn't get into a comfortable playing style all night. I largely put it down to the playing style of one of my buddies. Well, to be more precise, I put it down to my complete failure to adjust to the playing style of one of my buddies.

You see, my poker buddy is a full-blooded, card carrying calling station. He'd improved his style in recent games, but the other day the calling station was back. I'd estimate he saw 90%+ flops and well over 50% turns. It became a running joke throughout the night that he'd call any bet to see the flop.

The only way to get him to fold was to fire all three barrels, and of course that is a dangerous game to play unless you've got the goods at least some of the time.

Now, normally I can simply tighten up, not bluff him and wait until I get something decent. I just couldn't seem to manage it on Saturday. I'd find myself, as the PF raiser, c-betting far too often. I could have checked it without fear of a raise, but couldn't resist a 1/2 pot raise to see where I stood. If he raised me, I'd fold before his bet hit the felt, but if he called me then I'd only be able to get a read on how quickly he called. Even when I'd missed the flop I'd c-bet, and then have to check it to the river because, of course, he called me and I didn't even have a pair. I don't recall a single occasion when he folded to a c-bet on the flop.

Of course, I didn't seem to get the flops I needed, and when I did I couldn't extract value. I played around with delayed c-betting and what have you, but to no avail. On one hand I flopped a straight but despite checking the flop and turn to mask my strength he folded to me on the river (with hindsight, I should have bet the flop and turn because I suspect his main aim was to see the river) Sure, I won a couple of pots from him but it didn't stack up to the amount I contributed to his stack by making silly bluffs.

Anyways, rant over. The moral of the story is to adjust to your opponents, even if it means playing what would otherwise be considered suboptimal poker. I should have played the most ABC of ABC poker, but didn't. And he was the big winner of the night as a result.