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Thread: Damned variance!

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    Default Damned variance!

    I'm hitting a bad run and I'm steaming :(

    Just busted out of an SNG after shoving with AQ against A7, and they rivered a pair of 7s. Earlier today, I shoved AK against 2 callers - JT and KJ, and of course came out worst when a jack hit the flop. Earlier this week, there have been 2 occasions where I have got it in good AK vs. AQ. On one occasion the villain rivered a flush, on the other the queen came on the river.

    My bankroll has taken a 10% drop this week. Talk me down, boys, I'm about ready to throw my laptop off a multistorey car park

    Ok, rant over. I'm going to do things unrelated to poker for a couple of days.
    "Never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city" - Coach Finstock, Teen Wolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambini View Post
    I'm going to do things unrelated to poker for a couple of days.
    Good idea. That will help.
    I do a new thing now. Hidden Content

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    Between poker and trading one thing I've learned is a plan will eliminate emotion. There are so many situation in both cases that like most things worth doing it's easier said than done.

    Planning forces a person to think about the one thing everyone is trying to avoid, loses! But if you plan for the inevitable, sounds weird but the loses fall in to your plan. Which I think they should because they are unavoidable.

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