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Thread: Latest Read: Deal Me In!

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    Default Latest Read: Deal Me In!

    I was given 'Deal Me In' by my boyfriend last Christmas (at a time when I wasn't playing so much online) and he said that I should read it when I was next in the "poker fever."

    Now I'm back in that fever (and conveniently just finished my previous reading material) I got going with it. It's a book based on a series of interviews with the poker players we all know and it mostly covers how they got into the game and got to where they are today.

    A few things have struck me while I've been reading it:

    1) How often they go BROKE! It's unreal! Sometimes they'd go and play a game that was miles out of their bankroll with loads less knowledge about the game than you'd think they'd want for that stake of game and then just go completely bust yet somehow pick up a load of money from somewhere and do it all again.

    2) How available poker is in the US. Now obviously I understand that the internet poker ban has severely hampered this one but most of these stories are from the pre-internet poker boom yet these guys seem to find games in pretty much every town they come from and go to. I get the concept that once you get involved with one local group then you'd end up learning about games all over the place but it just seems like I've been looking for ANY group in my area (UK) and there's squat! They always seemed to be able to find somewhere and not all of them had to travel to get to those games either, so weird.

    3) How shady some of the groups they played with were. Like I get that poker was a bit of an underground game for a while but I never really imagined it could get so shady. Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott took a gun to quite a lot of the local games he played in during his earlier days. Madness! I'm not even sure where I'd begin to look to find games that shady! Maybe that's a good thing

    I'm sure there are other points but those are the ones that spring to mind.

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    Missed this one somehow. It sounds like a cool book, Faustus.
    Nowadays, there's a casino somewhere within 2 hours of any major US city it seems.

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    I didn't miss this, but forgot to get back to it.

    I own and have read the book as well and I can echo Fautus' sentiments. It's strange to me how they accept going broke as part of being a professional gambler (because I think this is the root cause of these cycles, most of the players in there do have a lot of gamble in them) and how equally "normal" it is to lend money to someone who's just proven they don't use it wisely.
    Here in Belgium, there's also no homegame circuit to speak of. I'm pretty sure there are still some going, but the ones I used to play in have died out, mostly due to the fact losing money on games of chance for entertainment purposes doesn't appeal to our nature, I think. It's not something that comes natural to your average Flemish guy.
    On the other hand, there's plenty of shadiness around poker in these parts. There are regular, illegal tournaments, which are run (pretty well, actually) by Eastern European mobsters. The problem is not the tournaments are crooked, but they attract crime because there's a large concentration of cash at the tournament and people who cash, do leave with a lump sum of cash on them. There have been several instances of tournaments being "hit" and players robbed on their way home. In Namur some players have been robbed after playing in the casino there as well. So you have to have your wits about you and don't put yourself in a vulnerable position when you play live poker in Belgium.

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    Its a good book and a good thing for Howard, Jesus, and Ivy that it was written pre-Black Friday so that they get favorable treatment in the book.
    There are a lot of games in America. I am not a pro or semi-pro, but if I wanted to, I know at least 30 games a month in my area (outside of casinos and card rooms) where I could play. This is a separate culture and once you gain entrance to it, you find out where the games are.


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