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Thread: SNG Hand 9

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    Default SNG Hand 9

    Standard call?

    ** Hand # 4246831243 starting - 2012-01-07 23:04:43
    ** Super Turbo 6 Seat [Hold'em] (400|800 NL - STT) Real Money

    Waylander420 sitting in seat 1 with 1990.00
    kliedesys sitting in seat 3 with 4860.00[Dealer]
    Knut_Posse sitting in seat 4 with 2150.00
    Knut_Posse posted the small blind - 400.00
    Waylander420 posted the big blind - 800.00

    ** Dealing cards to Waylander420: 7d, 6c
    kliedesys folded
    Knut_Posse went all-in - 1750.00
    Waylander420 went all-in - 1190.00
    Waylander420 shows: 7d, 6c
    Knut_Posse shows: Qd, Ac

    ** Dealing the flop: 2h, 3h, 6d

    ** Dealing the turn: Jc

    ** Dealing the river: Js
    Waylander420 shows: 7d, 6c
    Waylander420 wins 3980.00 from the main pot
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    Of course, you're about to lose 2/3rds of your stack to the blinds. Nice suck-out.

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    Pretty much, though if guy has shown to be a rock I can see folding. You'd have to see him in this spot quite a bit to know that, and you may never do that. Call.
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