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Thread: Folding QQ preflop?

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    Default Folding QQ preflop?

    Everytime I get QQ i lose. I bet on the flop, get put all in (with only undercards on the board), I call the all in, and have the guy dominated. Then he catches 2 pair, trips, runner runner flush, etc.

    Would I be better off just folding this hand preflop? i know it sounds like a dumb question, but had I not been playing QQ for the past 2 weeks I would be up $100 (at least), but instead I lose 8/10 i play it.

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    Hi John. Welcome to the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by john111_x View Post
    Would I be better off just folding this hand preflop?
    No. By that logic I would have to fold AA pre-flop because I've lost with them the past 3 times I've played them.

    You need to think long term and understand expected value. If you lose with QQ 8/10 times then you haven't played enough hands.

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    Default Folding QQ preflop?

    Only to 2 all in bets ahead of you... And even then, only maybe.

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    It`s a foldable hand but only when the betting is representing aces or kings. There are spots in a satellite where you could fold it pre-flop but on the whole as Tim said you`d be giving up a lot of value if you started folding it because it was "unlucky".

    Varience is a bitch but it all evens out in the end if you play enough hands.
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    Welcome to the forum, John. The easiest way to cure yourself concerning the good "jinx" hands is to recall a TIME when you won a hand with a total piece of cheese like 7-2 off because you were in the big blind and got a free look at the flop ... connected big TIME and won a nice pot. Did you then consider 7-2 off to be a magical hand and play it all the TIME? I hope not! All good advice by my forum mates ... Q-Q is a good hand and things will even out for you over TIME.
    To the true gambler, money is never an end in itself, but simply a tool; as language is to thought.


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