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    A group of Hollywood A-listers including Matt Damon, star of Rounders, are in the news about an underground high stakes poker game. Apparently they played in various locations, twice a week with a $100,000 buy-in. The lawsuit which is being brought by investors of the Donk who lost about $25,000,000 of their money is meritless and won't go anywhere IMHO.
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    One of the participants, Dan Bilzerian, told Star that he regularly played against DiCaprio, Affleck and Maguire.

    Damon, according to Bilzerian, played irregularly.

    While Affleck, who won an Academy Award for his screenplay Good Will Hunting, impressed players with his poker skills, both DiCaprio and Damon did not fair as well, Star reported.

    "Matt never won, another whistle-blowing player told the magazine.
    I have seen Rounders so this is obviously not true!

    Great story though. And I agree, the lawsuit is a waste of time.


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