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Thread: The Brits Are Getting Politer

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    Default The Brits Are Getting Politer

    From Tao of Poker about the $2500 NLHE short-handed.

    "When I heard all of the commotion, I ditched my press credentials and embedded myself on the rail. The 10K LHE final table was hosted in the Mothership, while Moorman and company played on the secondary table, just off to the side. I love trying to infiltrate the cheering sections of various pros, and the Brits are rather funny when they are staggering drunk. The British punters were noticeable because of the beer stains on their trainers.

    I likened the experience on the rail to being in a Nick Hornby novel -- but with more liquor and less middle-aged angst. After all, the rail was comprised of twenty-something pros with funny accents, and gobbling booze like frat boys on Saturday morning before a Georgia-Florida college football game. The soused rail taunted brash American pro Allen Bari and anyone else in their line of site. A few of them had a pair of balls the size of elephant testicles. They made fun of security guards (an extra batch were dispatched to maintain order) referring to them as "tossers" for curtailing their effervescent behavior during Jake Cody's run two weekends ago."

    Full article here Tao of Poker: Dr. Pauly's WSOP Poker Blog and Sports Betting Discourses

    Nice to see Moorman doing well (especially as he`s on my fantasy team)
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    As far as the "tosser"comment goes ... any American adolescent would know the proper reply would be:

    Oh, yeah ... well it takes one to know one!
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