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Thread: snowmen melted and $180 gone

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    Default snowmen melted and $180 gone

    I got it into my head that this is a viable strategy for a multi-table casino tournament where the blinds are 30 minutes and you are deep stacked with 12000 chips. At the beginning when the blinds start at 25/50, be conservative and only get aggressive with the nuts. If you are lucky, you build your stack. If the stacks gows, expand your range to see more flops and c-bet in position in hopes of winning uncontested pots. Then at 5 levels in when the blinds are at 400/800, start taking more chances and try building your stack. By taking chances, I mean stuff like three betting with draws or pocket jacks, or chasing somebody who takes the lead in betting when you got the nut flush draw. It works occasionally but also ends in demoralizing exits when snowmen get cracked in a classic all-in race with A-Qo. However one must realize that getting your money in with the odds in your favor is not a mistake because when it works, you catapault upward.

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    Harald, is this just your unique way of saying 'I lost a race and busted out'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    Harald, is this just your unique way of saying 'I lost a race and busted out'?
    Good intro though.


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