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Thread: I think I avoided a catastrophe here

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    Default I think I avoided a catastrophe here

    Anything I couldve done differently?

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    What would you like to have done differently? Your preflop raise was too small. Otherwise, you exercised good pot control.

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    I agree with NT. Raise to 160. I bet he calls anyway. Paired boards are nice to c-bet usually but this one is unlikely to get our friend to call many hands in his range that we beat (like a small PP or A-rag). Being IP helps for sure.

    The turn bet is fine as a delayed c-bet, it does seem like he could be surrendering the pot. Naturally checking behind the river with showdown value is fine IMO. I'm surprised he didn't fire out a value bet of at least some size.
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    I agree that a little bit bigger bet preflop would have been best but I doubt it would have changed the outcome of this hand.

    I think the delayed c-bet is interesting. I think it may have saved you having to call another bet on the river. I you had c-bet the flop I think the opponent would have just called, checked to you on the turn and when you didn't bet the turn he would have bet out on the river. Instead when you bet on the turn he thought you might bet again on the river and was likely trying for a check-raise but where you gave up on the hand he never got to check raise. Just an observation...I don't know if it is useful though since most people that slowplayed trips on the flop and didn't get bet at would likely bet out on the turn to try to get some money into the pot.


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