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Thread: Limit End Game

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    Default Limit End Game

    Ok, here's the situation:

    $1.20 9-man LHE SnG. I luckboxed my way to a big stack and I was trying to make my stack do some of the work and steal the other's blinds. This particular villain was quite tight so when he reraised me I figured there was a strong possibility of either an ace or a decent pocket pair.

    Seems like a pretty basic question and I have always wondered about this but never really thought to look into the point that he reraises me I am getting 5.5:1 pot odds and I am about a 2:1 dog so that looks ok but am I looking at this right? Do I have to take my original raise into account when calculating these odds? I have seen posts about NLHE where it is mentioned to bet out enough to give you odds to call but the phrase "putting bad money after good" keeps coming into my head when I hear that.

    If you don't count your previous raise/bet then is it ever correct to fold to one more bet pre-flop in limit?

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    With regards to pot odds, forget what you've put in the pot already. It's just pot / amount to call.

    In the hand you posted there's no way you're going to fold to his raise. He only has 75 left after his raise, so you're going to see all five community cards. It can't have been a shock that he eventually woke up and played a hand.


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