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Thread: Pokerology shirt.

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    Default Pokerology shirt.

    Beware who you give the shirts to Tim.

    I went to the casino over the weekend. Was wearing the Pokerology shirt on Friday night.
    One fellow at the table made mention of it. The guy to my right replies for me. He says "Why would we want to go to a sight with the guy. He really sucks at this game." (speaking of me).

    There is an irony about this statement. I got the chance to hand out a lesson, after taking all of his chips and making him rebuy twice.

    The lesson went like this:
    There are 3 ways to learn poker.
    1. Through alot of playing.
    2. Picking the brains of others for their knowledge (reading and lessons).
    3. Combining 1 and 2.

    My suggestion to him was to not run the head till he knows who it is he is running it to. Maybe a little reading, and use your noodle for something other then to take up space.

    In the end I represented the site well. Won my tourney.
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    Awesome stuff! Nice job representing!

    Sounds like the guy to your right was a jerk. How satisfying to get his chips, and everyone elses too. Nice work

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    Yeah, top job. Sounds like you were a great Pokerology ambassador.


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