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Thread: Vegas Memories #2 : Venetian Deepstack tournaments

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    Default Vegas Memories #2 : Venetian Deepstack tournaments

    My original intention was to play three of the deepstack events, two with a $350 buy-in and one with a $560 buy-in, for a total buy-in of $1260. I sold a total of 50% of myself to four people for the three tournaments.

    1) The first tournament was the $560, and I didn't fare very well. I lost with KK to KT all-in on a QJx board, and then lost with AA against the same player who called my raise with Q9 and hit a board of Q9x. I finally succumbed when my TT ran into AK and KK.

    2) My second tournament was a $350 and I played pretty well. At the first break I was up to 21750 from 12000 starting stack, having knocked out 2 players with QQ each time. I then ran QQ into AA on a low board and lost a few. I then suffered probably my worst beat of the trip. I limped in the SB with J8 and the BB checked. The flop came J82 and I checked. He bet, I raised, he shoved and I called. He has J2. River 2...

    3) The third tournament was another $350 and I played really well. I had 21.5k at the first break from my 12k starting stack, 47k at the second break (average 22k), and 39k at third break (average 42k). (It was between the second and third break that I lost a coinflip and made my hero call that I posted earlier). Just before dinner I was knocked down to 18k after losing 3 way all-in pre-flop with AA against KQ and AT. The AT rivered trip tens! At that point I would have had 70k (average 52k) with 80 left and 36 getting paid. Anyway I came back from the break in shove/fold mode, got three steals through and was looked up on the 4th occasion when I actually had a hand (KK). I was then able to negotiate my way through the money bubble to reach the final 4 tables. I then had a hand where I raised with AK and a slightly shorter stack moved all-in, and I decided to call. He had KK. I think in retrospect I should maybe have laid the hand down as I still had chips to play with but I didn't. I then shoved with A9s and ran into AT in the BB and was knocked out in 28th for $711.

    2009 Deep Stack Extravaganza IV, No Limit Hold'em: Hendon Mob Poker Database

    At this point I decided to stay in Vegas a few more days and play another couple of events.

    4) I played another $350 and played very badly. I can't even remember how I went out but it didn't take long!

    One of my "backers" then texted me to offer to reinvest her % of the $711 winnings in another event, so I made the same offer to the other three people who all agreed.

    5) My final event was a $560. Again I played pretty well (apart from one slightly dubious call with KQ against an ultra-loose player who happened to have KK - board ran out KQxQx) and ended up finishing 82nd in the 400+ field (36 got paid).

    So for my backers out there I have $151 to share out, $30 for those that took 20%, and $7.50 for those that took 5%! Sorry it wasn't more...

    Overall, the tournaments were great, although I was very surprised the first blind level was 50/100 rather than 25/50. Not quite as deepstacked as I thought.

    The poker room is great at The Venetian, but the tournaments were held outside the poker room, and very often I'd find myself with my back to a corridor full of smoking people - not pleasant.

    A lot of Vegas regulars said that the Caesars Megastack series is better than the Venetian Deepstack and I can believe it. Even the regular 7pm tournaments at Caesars had a 10k starting stack for $160 with 30 minute blinds, starting at 25/50, and the poker room is the best! Next time I'll go when Caesars have their series on...
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    Thanks for the update Patrick. It seems you just got a little unlucky at the crucial times. The main thing is you had fun, right?

    Did you only play these deep stack events? Any juicy cash games?

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    $560 events, woof. I got a looooooong way to go before my BR could afford that.
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