Introducing a new member of "Team Pokerology", Mr Ashley Adams:

Ashley Adams has been playing poker since 1962, when he learned it literally at his grandfather's knee. He played it throughout high school and college, but first started winning seriously on a regular basis at Foxwoods in when they opened their poker room in mid 1990s. He has gone on to win in poker rooms and home games all over the world.

His specialty is 7-card stud and no-limit hold'em. He has been a guest speaker on poker as well as a poker tutor and coach. He's written many hundreds of poker articles for top poker magazines and websites, as well as two books on poker; Winning 7-card Stud (Kensington, 2003) and Winning Low Limit No Limit Hold'em (self published ebook, 2005). He is also the host of the weekly poker radio show House of Cards, that airs on WWZN in Boston on 1510 AM, as well as on the internet at

He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, is happily married, and has two lovely daughters, both of whom play poker.


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