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Thread: $5k 6-Max NL Action and More

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    Default $5k 6-Max NL Action and More

    It was a relatively quiet day over in the poker room, with no new events starting, but there was the 5k 6-max table being played down to 16 people. There were two people I wanted to see play when I came out here. One is Phil Hellmuth Jr. which isnít surprising because everyone wants to see him. His skill set is obviously made for a 6-max tournament because of his effective aggression and of course everyone wants to see if he will blow up.

    The other player I wanted to see is Shaun Deeb. His name might not be recognizable to most readers at, but he is perhaps the greatest internet tournament player in history. However, his live results have been modest, which might be because he gets bored at live events, is used to playing at up to 24 events at a time, and also that he doesnít play much live. So when I got to the event yesterday I was lucky enough to have both of these players just playing one table apart from each other.

    While neither of these players made it to the final 16, they both made decent showings. Deeb was eliminated in 26th place when his A9 lost to the AJ of Rory Matthews. Deeb will have to continue to wait for his big cash, as this one netted him just over $22,000. A healthy payday for a lot of people, but not for Deeb who is also trying to make a name for himself in the live poker world as well as online. His next chance will be in the Main Event.

    Phil Hellmuth faired just a bit better, finishing in 24th place. Hellmuth was shortstacked at this point and lost when his pair of 7ís was beaten by Peter Feldmanís AK. This earned Hellmuth $26,824 and was also his fifth WSOP cash of the year.

    The two players who knocked out Deeb and Hellmuth are 1st and 2nd in chip counts when play resumes today. Rory Matthews is first with 1,358,000 in chips while Peter Feldman is right behind him at 13,280,000. All and all though there arenít a lot of recognizable names in the final 16, but that doesnít mean one of them wonít be a well known star by the end of the night.

    Also today is the Ante Up for Africa Charity, where tons of stars from both the poker world and the movie world take place for a good cause. That event, which brings out a lot of fans, starts at 2pm.

    Last night I was invited to a pool party at the Golden Nugget. The party was hosted by Howard Lederer and his wife to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. A lot of big time players were seen milling around, including Robert Williamson III, Phil Gordon, Gavin Smith, and Dennis Phillips. The Highlight of the night was a Karaoke contest where the winner was given a diamond bracelet. Since my wife wasnít with me I wasnít forced to embarrass myself on stage, but many others were willing. Almost all the poker players in attendance sang a song, to varying degrees of success, but all had a good time.

    The food was also easily the best Iíve had in Vegas, and it might have been near the best Iíve ever had. Filet Mignon was the main attraction of the menu, and it was cooked perfectly. To show my great expertise in food I will say there was a bunch of other food there that I neither recognized, nor could pronounce, but it was all good. The event seemed like a rousing success and I hope everyone had a good time supporting a good cause.

    Tomorrow is the start of the Main Event. Iím interested to see if the economic crisis has an impact on the number of entrants this year. The quiet rumors are there will be, but itís hard to tell until it actually happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJones View Post
    Phil Hellmuth Jr....His skill set is obviously made for a 6-max tournament because of his effective aggression...

    I would have thought he was too much of a nit to be good at 6-max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattjacknine View Post
    I would have thought he was too much of a nit to be good at 6-max.
    I agree. A quote from the brat ... "I won't have my chips in the middle unless I have the best hand". Sounds pretty nitty!
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