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Thread: How Many Tables?

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    Default How Many Tables?

    I was wondering how many tables people tend to play at online? I have been playing one at a time but have heard of others tending to play 4 or 5. How many do you play? Does it effect your style of play?

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    Default Multiple Tables

    Many people play multiple tables on-line and yes, it does effect your play. The biggest variable is what game you are playing. If you are playing limit vs no-limit, I believe you can play several tables well by being very selective, aggressive. No-limit is tougher as you need to size your bets properly and that takes some concentration. You always give something up and that is studying your opponents. Many players just can't stand the idle time between folding and a new hand. Of course, this is the time that they should be studying their opponents playing tendencies. It gets down to what you feel comfortable playing and playing well.
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    Some play up to 20 and 30 at a time is not unknown!

    I play between four and ten at a time, depending on the level and my mood. By playing multiple tables you sacrifice the ability to think through tricky decisions and are forced to play a more formulaic style. One of the arguments against multiple table is that it hinders your ability to learn and improve. On the plus side it can help with issues surrounding boredom and starting hand discipline.


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