Tom "TIME" Leonard

Tom has been writing about poker since 1994 and has played across the USA for over 40 years, playing every game in almost every card room in Atlantic City, California and Las Vegas.

If it’s an action packed roller coaster ride that gets your juices flowing then check out Multi Strike Poker. Multi Strike is a game which parlays your wins into larger wins. Read more

Some poker players get it in their heads that a sniper is behind every tree with the nuts just waiting to pick them off. This fear has been dubbed “The Sniper Syndrome” Read more

I’m sure everyone is aware that berating Donkey’s at the poker table is not smart. It is certainly boorish but worse than that, players who indulge in that exercise are actually biting … Read more

If one looked up the term Poker Nirvana in the PJD or “Poker Junkie Dictionary” I believe it would state that poker nirvana is the invention of the Sit & Go poker … Read more

Whatever the endeavor, competitive people, certainly an attribute of poker players, wish to prevail. They desire to score the winning goal, pocket the most balls, hit the most bull’s eyes and take … Read more

If you really aspire to improving your poker game, some homework away from the table (both live and online) will be in order. Some poker players ascribe a successful session to their … Read more

My previous article on Jacks or Better video poker was so well received I thought I would follow up with an article on what has become the most popular of the video … Read more

To limp or not to limp, that is the question. I don’t think the Bard was ever faced with this query but if he had it would be interesting to hear his … Read more

A number of our devotees to poker may also play video poker while visiting my home town of Las Vegas. I enjoy playing video poker and have hit many jackpots Read more

Home or private poker games are played all over the globe on a regular basis. Old ones disband and die and new ones crop up all the time. The real successful ones … Read more

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