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While fixed-limit hold’em is a very different game than no-limit hold’em, a good no-limit player should be able to adapt to a fixed-limit game in short order Read more

With the success of so many poker players who are barely old enough to legally drink their celebratory champagne, what does this say about many of the veterans … Read more

Poker and Luck

By Tom "TIME" Leonard | February 19, 2010 | Philosophy

I’m sure you have come into contact with people that are not devotees to poker and believe you to be just a gambler. I always chuckle at these … Read more

Bad beats and losing sessions are an unavoidable part of poker. The trick is knowing how to handle them. When nothing is going your way and your chips … Read more

This often discussed hand from the 2004 WSOP main event final table involved eventual winner Greg Raymer, along with professionals Josh Arieh, David Williams, and former main event … Read more

It’s ironic that one of the greatest truisms of the sporting world is absolutely wrong when it comes to poker. I refer to the sports cliché “Quitters never … Read more

Many poker players use a coin, a little statue or some other trinket as not only a card weight for protection but also as a lucky charm or … Read more

A player falls asleep at the table due to his medication and is unable to be awoken. He is in the big blind and there has been no … Read more

Everyone talks about implied odds as though it’s some sort of ubersophisticated poker concept that only poker’s in-group is aware of, but in truth it’s a simple idea … Read more

The first step necessary in addressing the problems with your poker game is to have an accurate diagnosis. This requires egoless analysis. It’s admittedly tough for many of … Read more

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