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Fear and desire are two of the most powerful motivational forces affecting how you play poker. For all but the most casual of social poker players, these emotions … Read more

With the recent success of players like Duke, Annette Obrestad and Vanessa Selbst, the poker media has picked up on the higher profile of women in the game … Read more

This is a story of a poker player who misread – or more likely, really never even took a good look – at his opponent’s stack size, and … Read more

I bet the title of this article caught your attention, especially if you fall prey to the universally eschewed poker downfall of going on tilt. There are many … Read more

We don’t like to lose. We play poker to win. Our nature is to see losing as failure – instead of as an inevitable part of being overall … Read more

We’ve always been taught that hope is a good thing. In the poker world, hope is an entirely different kind of animal. For the poker player, hope is … Read more

Last week I played a slightly bizarre hold’em session at my all time favorite cardroom, Timmy Magic’s Poker Palace. All the current regulars were there along with some … Read more

Tricky poker players are those who deliberately mix up their play – not consistently playing the same hand in the same situation the same way. A tricky poker … Read more

Players in casino poker rooms often enjoy many of the amenities that come with the environment, including security. But how can players in a poker home game guard … Read more

Here’s a chance to review your poker game and correct any of these leaks. Remember, most of the money you’ll win at poker comes not from the brilliance … Read more

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