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A player is all-in and everyone folds except one player who considers calling. He verbally declares that he has a pair of 10′s. The all-in player remains silent, … Read more

No-Limit Limping

By Tom "TIME" Leonard | June 20, 2009 |

To limp or not to limp, that is the question. I don’t think the Bard was ever faced with this query but if he had it would be … Read more

In addition to be being one of the best ambassadors of poker, Harrington’s greatest contribution to this game is the books he has co-authored with Bill Robertie. Much … Read more

In a nine-handed game, four players limp in, so player eight decides to limp in without looking at his cards. Player nine, who is short-stacked moves all in. … Read more

Brunson earned his poker stripes playing outlaws, thieves, riding up and down what he has called “Bloodthirsty Highway.” The games are hard enough, but imagine being Read more

Back in the “good ol’ days”, poker was played by men (and only men) with names like “Amarillo Slim”, “Texas Dolly” and “Miami John”. In those days, when … Read more

At the river during a big hand I made an all-in bet and the girl I bet lifted her cards in the air and said, “I guess you … Read more

A number of our devotees to poker may also play video poker while visiting my home town of Las Vegas. I enjoy playing video poker and have hit … Read more

Let’s assume that you have a large enough poker bankroll (or a very generous backer) so that you can enter a hundred poker tournaments, each with a $10,00 … Read more

I was playing in a poker tournament against an aggressive opponent who was on the button when I was in the big blind. All the players folded to … Read more

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