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David Sklansky was interested in the theory of poker before he probably even understood what the theory of poker was. His tireless work has made him one of … Read more

In this hand, we will play as if we are Phil Ivey. The big disclaimer here is that a hand like this does not come around very often. … Read more

Here are a few ideas that will help you keep you edge at the table and keep your head away from the felt when the roller-coaster ride of … Read more

Let’s play this hand as if we are Mike Sexton. What reads do you have on the action for each street? What hand ranges do you … Read more

My previous article on Jacks or Better video poker was so well received I thought I would follow up with an article on what has become the most … Read more

A player wins a nice pot and he drags the pot toward his remaining chip stack. Shortly afterward, the player to his left says “Where are my chips?” … Read more

Reese always considered himself a cash game player first and never really fully enjoyed poker tournaments. Although that didn’t stop him from excelling in them too. Reese won … Read more

This hand is as much about reading betting patterns as it is physical tells. When a player is jovial and conversational, it is a usually sign … Read more

The intent of this piece is to expose the fallacies that the enemies of legal, regulated online poker use to justify their crusade against a game that has … Read more

Cloutier has been making a living off of poker for nearly fifty years. If Doyle Brunson is considered the ‘Godfather of Poker’, then Cloutier should at least be … Read more

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