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Player A said, “I can’t win,” and left the tournament table. The turn and river means Player A had the winning hand after all. Who should get the … Read more

Whatever the endeavor, competitive people, certainly an attribute of poker players, wish to prevail. They desire to score the winning goal, pocket the most balls, hit the most … Read more

In the interest of making such pro-poker talk as easy as possible, let me share with you five of the talking points I’ve used to persuade my friends … Read more

What’s the only thing that’s better than playing at a soft no-limit hold’em online cash game table? Playing at multiple soft no-limit hold’em online cash game tables, of … Read more

Mike Caro’s contributions to the game of poker have put him among that very elite group. It’s true that before Caro came along poker players were able Read more

A player realizes that there were two burn cards before the flop and not one. The dealer had placed the first burn card (original exposed card) face down … Read more

If you really aspire to improving your poker game, some homework away from the table (both live and online) will be in order. Some poker players ascribe a … Read more

Here is my list of the top ten signs that your poker game may be taking over your life. Lest you get too depressed from the observations, you’ll … Read more

I was obsessed with poker a while back – even more than I am right now. I talked on the phone and chatted on the internet with poker … Read more

Two players are involved in a hand. After the river player A makes a large bet, and player B says “I see you,” but before he places his … Read more

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