About Us

Pokerology.com is a poker strategy membership website that is free to join and makes learning how to play poker fun, engaging, and interesting. We publish insightful, informative, and inspiring content that promotes poker and educates our members, helping them develop the skills necessary to become winning poker players.

Established in 2004 by poker enthusiast Tim Ryerson (who still functions as the Chief Editor of the site), Pokerology.com has become a trusted online resource for students of the game. With a strong emphasis on quality, today’s team includes some of the brightest minds in poker, true teachers who are able to explain concepts clearly and encourage learning.

What We OfferPokerology.com Montage

  • Engaging and educational poker lessons by experts!
  • Video tutorials, because not everyone learns by reading!
  • Structured poker courses to gently guide our students!
  • Quizzes to test knowledge and make learning poker fun!
  • Reference material and handy charts to aid learning!
  • A easy-to-use website, free from adverts and clutter!
  • A friendly, engaged, loyal community, passionate about poker!

We hope that anyone with a willingness to learn and a desire to improve their skills as a poker player will find our website appealing. Our primary goal is to share our passion for poker with beginners and provide the structure that’s so important when learning new skills. Although our focus is beginners and intermediate players, re-dedicating oneself to playing well can benefit all poker players. In addition to our educational content, we provide many interesting articles by some of the best poker writers around, which we believe will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in poker.

A Brief History

The first Pokerology.com website was launched in 2004. The original goal of the website was much the same as it is today: to teach people how to play poker. This is why we came up with the idea of ‘Pokerology’, which means the study of poker, as a name for the site. Of course, a website is more than just a cool name.

Our first website had some very basic lessons explaining the rules of poker and a small collection of articles. There’s not much left from those early days because in February 2009 we re-launched the website and made our poker school the focus of the site. Rather than just a mish-mash of strategy articles, we produced a fully structured poker course that was carefully split into levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with modules that grouped related lessons together.

In the years that followed, the focus began to shift towards publishing top quality articles by our excellent team of writers – some of the best around. Our poker school, while still relevant, took a back seat. While this new direction resulted in many excellent articles, we did not want to neglect our original goal: providing unparalleled, fun instruction in poker skills. It took a lot of hard work, but we gave the site a major overhaul and re-launched for a second time in January 2013. The new incarnation of the site includes many improvements, such as the overall structure of the website, an increase in the number and quality of our poker lessons, and the introduction of video tutorials.

Future Plans

A website changes, grows, and evolves. The same can be said of poker. Although we’re very proud of what we offer, we know there is still much more we can do. We’ll never be  finished improving and expanding the site’s content because poker is a fascinating game with so many variations and game types. We currently have lots of unpublished material that will be added in the coming weeks and months. Our goal is to continue producing top quality educational poker content and make learning poker fun. We hope you stay with us on this journey.


This site was built because of our love for the game of poker, not as a way to make money. Integrity is very important to us and we do not rely on advertising, which is why we turn down such requests. That said, we are not against teaming up with commercial partners and are open to any suggestions, provided it can help us improve our website and is in the best interests of our members.